First Site Guide

I’ve been incredibly fortunate lately in receiving requests from very wonderful and dedicated sites all wanting to be featured in my Writer’s Resource section. Some requests haven’t meshed well with the message of my site (writing/publishing) and I’ve had to respectfully decline, but I hadn’t even thought about offering information on the ins and outs of blogging until I received a request from

After spending a little time on their site, I couldn’t remember why I hadn’t included blogging in the first place. One of the most informative and user-friendly sites I’ve had the pleasure of encountering, it’s my great honor to make them the first official blogging resource. If you’re considering blogging, just starting out, or even a seasoned veteran, they have a wealth of information they can offer. Check them out, you won’t regret it. I’ve spent the past 30 minutes getting to know them, and I already feel like I’ve learned a couple of things. A great resource and partner, you can reach them here:

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