So as a writer, I come across many things that help me be a better writer, and since I’m frequently asked for suggestions and links, I thought it would be great to have a little section where I could promote great sites that I come across. So this is a new feature, but if you offer a service for writers – please note what service(s) you provide, and send me a link to your URL and I’ll check out your site. Please note that I’ve decided to group URL’s by service, that way writers have a quick and easy way to find your product.

If you’d like your site considered for promotion please email webmaster@nicole-delacroix.com with the URL to your site (please link to the service you would like promoted – submit multiple links for multiple services) and a brief description of the service you provide.

2 Comments on “Writer’s Resources”

  1. Hi Nicole! I was contacted by David Burton, who told me you were willing to add a link to my website here. Thank you so much! I really need a bit of visibility, since my business is still new.
    By the way, the business side of my brain tells me that your book hasn’t been translated yet. Have you ever thought about doing so? 🙂

    Happy writing and sex-goddessing,

    1. Thank you Ernesto! What a fantastic addition to my growing resource page. I’ve added your information and you’re link is live. PS. Love, Love, Love the site 🙂

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