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How to Circumvent the Typical Pitfalls

So I have a few writer friends that I speak to on a regular basis, and recently had a very close friend tell me that they haven’t written anything for going on two years. I was floored… how can you go two years without writing something? She explained to me that the story she was working on had come to a point and she had simply lost her focus on it. So for two years this story has been sitting staring at her as the dreaded Writer’s Block set in and shut her down. After I heard this, I immediately came to her aid. Experiencing ADHD from a young age, I’ve always been a little scattered. With that, I’ve learned early on to organize and note and not to be so hard on myself when I simply can’t move any further on a particular story. The difference for me is that I keep multiple stories in several states of readiness so when I stop on one, I simply start on another. But her plight got me thinking, what about those out there that maybe are feeling the pinch from the dreaded Block.

So while we all know tricks and tips to avoid the pitfalls, I thought I’d write a little personal note to say, don’t kick yourself when you’re down. That’s how you give an invitation to writer’s block to come in and stay awhile. If you just use the tips and tricks we all know and love, you’ll avoid writer’s block, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll have multiple stories to show for the slight pause you took on your main story.

I thought I’d list a few of the tips I like to use when I’m feeling that “pause” coming on, in the hopes that it might help someone out there that is having brain freeze. Here are some of my favorites:
Take a walk
Be productive (do something else)
Write exercises (write an anecdote of your life)
Step outside your comfort zone (write outside your genre)
Write a biography
Write a profile of someone you admire

Now I’ll admit when I’m in the pinch of the moment, I’ll immediately turn to Solitaire or World of Warcraft (that’s 6 hours you’ll never get back, and no one is ever ready for a raid!) but you have to avoid these time suckers. Remember, every writer has had block, so turn off the internal editor and just write, even if you have to write something silly.

May I suggest writing what you did the last time you were drunk? I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes about block, it’s from Rebecca James “Over analysis leads to paralysis.” There’s no better way to say it. Keep calm and Write on!!
As always, sending you love and light

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