The Unutterable Theft 2 Prisoners

Title:  (Upcoming) “The Unutterable Theft—the Histories, Horrors, Parenting, Politics & Religion of Frankenstein: 2. Prisoners.”

Author:  Dan O’Hanlon

Synopsis: Hands up, everyone! Who here’s a coward?
The Cold War is over; and yet we could still all disappear in a “flash.” We live in a
world of choices; but  does it really matter whether the button is pushed by some
primate who wants to kill everyone so he can sleep forever with seventy virgins—or
by some all-knowing machine? Well known even thousands of years ago but even
strenuously denied today,  many problems don’t exist to be “solved” and which
“solutions” only make more problems. Some, exist to be avoided. Horror of all
horrors, there are things best not done and holes—however enticing—best not
crawled into. Our strength our greatest weakness, the desire to “Do it all!” carries the
highest price of all.

On its journey from predator to amplifier, Humanity has managed, so far, only to
intensify the bad along with the good. How dumb is that! You want to explore a dark
pit? You want to reach a height so high that, even yet, no one knows where the top
is—or even if there is one? You want to kill the baddest of the bad? Then I dare you:
go where only the bravest have gone before. Go find that which is beyond all price
and kill the bastards who stole it from you. Go into the mind—and into the heart. You
already have the only weapons you’ll need.

Go! Undo the unutterable theft and take back your Soul!


Star Rating:  5 of 5 (Enthusiastically! A MUST READ!!)



Just the right jolt to wake you out of a societal slumber

The upcoming title: The Unutterable Theft 2. Prisoners” is deliberately constructed to be a conversation between the writer and reader. It’s an eloquent and introspective walk through our collective history focusing on the Greek Myth paradigm and how we, as a society, have learned to ignore the true meaning of the Myths. The author is well-versed and measured in his delivery of the information, and it’s clear the author has a deep and meaningful understanding of the Greek Myths. The author fully understands what many scholars have yet to learn – the Greek Myths are symbolic more than literal. The author relishes in a slow divulgence of each and every nuance, allowing each reader to come to their own understanding and conclusion. This is not a flight of fancy or a simple retelling of tales, this is a complete relearning of all we have lost. I can’t begin to relate how fresh and innovative this telling is – it’s a complete rewiring for how we view our lives. It’s a deep existential glimpse at a world we’ve lost, things we need to relearn and a way of viewing our place in the world. The piece requires an active reader to engage and question, giving guidance and meaning to the ideas expressed within. This is not a piece for the timid, the truths revealed within will affect the reader and change the way you see the world. It’s quite simply, a beautiful movement – a dance of life, gods and words. I simply can’t wait to read the remaining tomes in the series.

(Prisoners is the second installment in a series to appear under the constellation title of The Unutterable Theft)

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