Title:  Beltamar’s War

Author:  C.G. Ayling

Synopsis: Envision a world ruled by six Divine Laws, immutable and absolute.
Liaju is about to receive her twelfth marks – arcane symbols etched within her flesh, by Divine Decree. These mystic marks grant access to her first matching Convocation. Liaju is plagued by troubling dreams, visions revealing the precipice her people, the Seizen, unknowingly approach – along with a possible path of escape. An obscure path, hidden and locked. Only Liaju holds escape’s elusive key, a key as incomprehensible as it is frightening. Self-sacrifice. Must Liaju relinquish all to secure the Seizen’s survival?
Eden, a mischievous child, succumbs to temptation and leads her cousin astray. Their path leads through terror and death, to ultimate understanding. Trickery reveals treachery – for Eden’s misdeed unveils a monstrous murder.
Thrown into a perpetual, remorseless conflict you soon discover Malmaxa is more about the Seizen than place. Sorely troubled, barbaric, complex, and intriguing as Malmaxa is, it remains merely the setting for the true tale – the characters, their motivations, and the choices which shape and define them.
Envision Malmaxa, then step inside and experience a world at once astonishingly different, and disturbingly familiar. Experience Malmaxa… experience, enlightenment?



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