Here are just a few of the stories that I’ve been working on. Just a little taste of my style to see if you like it.

Horror Story: (not usually my genre, but my attempt at it)
The world lay before him. All around all he could see was shattered glass and blood, copious amounts of blood, but there was no indication where the blood had come from. He closed his eyes tight willing himself out of the scene, praying that this was just another bad dream. He opened his eyes to wake, safe in bed, a cold sweat covering his body like an unholy shroud. He sat up as the last of the pain and anguish the dreams always gave him fell from his pounding temples like a feather floating to the ground. He could still smell the sickeningly sweet smell of the blood and rotting flesh bringing a fresh taste of bile to his throat. He silently pled to a deity he wasn’t sure he believed in any more for mercy….please let the vision pass, let me find peace, but he knew peace wouldn’t find him anytime soon. The same vision had been haunting him and the lack of restful sleep and constant torture of the dream had kept him on edge. He resolved to get up and note the dream in his journal, even if he didn’t believe it would help anything. At this point he was willing to give anything a chance.

Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Story:
There was a secret war. A war that men knew nothing of. Still, without knowledge of this war, they proceeded to fight amongst themselves. They used tank, gun and even fists to try to win an unwinable war, they just didn’t realize they were fighting the wrong enemy. While they fought each other a growing darkness was closing in, and when they finally realized their mistake it was too late. This was five hundred years ago, and the planet changed considerably. The darkness knew where to hide, and it blossomed in the women that were left behind by these men’s war. It found a home inside the hearts and minds of the female of the species and there it offered women something they had never known. Power. Power to control the men, and power to dominate this world. That was five hundred years ago, when this planet was known as Eos.

A little fun Fan Fiction (requested by my Bestie, and I’ve cut out any identifying names – but if you want more, hit me up, this one is hilarious and there is NO SEX!)

And God created……..the perfect man……

(the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent and famous)

God and his roommate T-Bag (yes there’s a roommate named T-Bag, there’s always a roommate with a silly name when a man lives alone….just go with it) were sitting around doing Tequila shots…because when you’re God what else do you do on a Friday? They are having fun getting really wasted, when T-Bag tells God that he really should do something nice for womankind (because T-Bag is all about the ladies don’t you know). So God and T-Bag do a few more shots and God says “I think I’ll make the perfect man!” T-Bag, being who he is, immediately tweets this information on his Twitter account, and they do a few more shots. God finally gets up to start building the perfect man, and well….pee, because they have been doing shots after all, when the doorbell rings. T-Bag goes to answer and its Satan. T-Bag and Satan are old pals, so he invites Satan in and they go to play Halo on the Xbox as God goes into his work room to begin work on the perfect man…

God is working on the perfect man, first he adds good looks, charm, intelligence, sex appeal, talent, etc., you know everything that every woman wants (and some she doesn’t know she wants) and when he finished he calls out to T-Bag to come and check out his handy work. God decides his creation is indeed perfect and wants to reward himself with some more Tequila so he leaves the workshop. T-Bag and Satan come into the room and see the perfect man – even as men they are keenly aware of the effect this man will have – he radiates perfection and sex appeal. They are both struck paralyzed by this perfection. Satan tells T-Bag that there is no way any of his demons will be able to counteract the perfect man and all womankind will be lost to him – making Hell that much more boring, so he decides he must sabotage God’s invention. He tells T-Bag to look out for God and decides to add a little Freak to the mix so women will be repelled by the perfect man – after all, even perfection can’t overcome freakiness. T-Bag is far too drunk and God catches Satan in the act. “Dammit Satan! You’ve ruined him.” Satan laughs and says “maybe… maybe not… everyone likes a little freak!” “Yeah but you dumped the whole damn jar in…. now I’ll have to fix it.” God thinks to himself “aha, I got it.” He reaches for a dusty jar in the back labeled “adorkability” and he pours in almost the whole jar. “There… now to add a little humility and give him a ridiculous name and he’ll be perfect again.” God, T-Bag and Satan all sit and think passing the time by downing more shots… After all, even if you sabotage the perfect creation, you still have Tequila rights.

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